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*May contain Marx and S&M. (But not at the same time)

...Because I don't think anyone needs that mental image, really.

Anyhow, first day back at Uni. And thus I shall babble a bit about the lectures I had today.

Also, Note to Self: Apparently 7 hours sleep is not enough. Go to bed earlier tonight.

And it was weirdly hot today.

So, back to Uni-ness.

First lecture was Personal and Social Development. It looks as though it shall be interesting enough - it's towards my preferred type of Psychology. Also, I had the lecturer last year, and I quite liked her style, she's rather entertaining. So that seems well and good.

Then was lunch and FOUL stuffs. I cannot believe how much I missed the lattes from Castros. OM NOM NOM indeed.
And it was nice catching up with people. And there were even some Second Floor n00bs! Bless. The poor things have no idea what they're in for.

After all that was another lecture for me - Power, Ideology and Inequality. Which from the outline we were give sounds like it might be rather interesting - I mean, we go from the first week readings being Marx and Engels, to in our fifth week having a lecture case study about Melbourne's S&M scene (!!) - but it had a rather boring first lecture.

Also, I got a paper-cut from the subject outline.
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