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Ah, University. Where even Toilet Cubical Walls are tl;dr

You know, there's a rather fascinating debate about the merits (and problems) of the private versus public school systems located on a toilet cubical wall in the basement at the Baillieu Library. Didn't get a chance to finish reading it, mind.

Anyway, Uni today:

First class was Research Methods, which was, once more, statistical stuff for Psych. *sighs* Today was just revising old concepts, though. Also, no lab reports during the semester, which is somewhat pleasing.

I also had a Writing Through Character tute. The tutor knows me, since I had a class with her a couple of years ago. I felt bad for not recognising her. Or remembering her, actually.

Much more interesting was lunchtime, which was the CHAS Lift Party. Truly, you have not known entertainment until you have have spent a lunch time going up and down in assorted lifts, crammed in with about 10 others and a trolley full of food. It was totally worth it for the reactions on some people's faces when they saw the doors open. And when we offered them food.

Otherwise, I have found that 8 hours sleep isn't really an improvement. Need more sleep tonight.

And on a completely random and unrelated note, I have found that The Infinite Quest (That Ten and Martha animated Doctor Who serial) has been rated for release in Australia. No idea when it is due to come out, but either way: Huzzah!
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