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I swear I'm not a mad slasher, really!

Can't be arsed posting about classes today, as they were boring.

So, instead, I shall talk about lunch-time, aka Star Trek Club.

We watched Trials and Tribblations, which I approved of immensely, being a fan of Tribbles.

I also concluded that whatshisface, Sisko, had a huge crush on Kirk. Of course, when I pointed this to people, I got told off for slashing during Star Trek Club. ;_;

Oh, and I appear to be in a rather odd mood right now (aside from my randomly sore neck - I feel like I've pulled a muscle or something, but I haven't a clue what happened).

Case in point: I was watching this fanvid (multi-fandom, mostly movies everyone has seen), and ended up bursting into a tears.

I mean, yeah it's a decent vid, but it's not that spectacular. It was just... nostalgia. And my odd mood.

Eh. Anyone got anything glee-promoting they could link me too? I could use some cheer.
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