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This post brought to you by my sore neck. Ow.

Am too tired and neck is too achey to be bothered with a particularly long post right now.

So: One lecture (Research Methods, dull), and a prac that wasn't on this week.

Not much on at Uni. Or in the city for that matter.

Saw this weeks episode of Torchwood, which was... cracktastic, really. I'm not the first to point this out, but it was very much like something from fanfic, and not the serious business sort of fic, either. Very big shift in tone from the last few episodes - which I suppose was about right, since they weren't real cheery.

It seems to have rather split the flist, but I think I enjoyed it, even if I didn't think it was spectacularly good.

Also, I may have the occasional issue with Gwen (more the writing rather than acting, really), but Eve Myles does scrub up nice. And Rhys remains adorable, bless him.
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