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Because we all know how much I *love* statistics

And I've got my first assignment or the semester. Admittedly, it's not a graded thing, just a pass/fail assignment, but still, it's a hurdle requirement.

And it's statistics. Bleh.

Ah well, I'll do it on the weekend, it's not due until Wednesday.

And in other news that I am sure no-one really cares about, today I wore my Completely Pointless Sunglasses. So called because they are both too small and too lightly coloured to have any UV repellent properties. Plus, given where they sit, I end up looking over them. And I don't even wear glasses, anyway. So they have no practical use whatsoever.

Therefore, they are Completely Pointless. I just think they look good on. I mean, purple sunnies, what's not to love?

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fa11ing_away: "Death. Like baked potatoes in a way."
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