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I am basking in the glow of a completed assignment right now

Oh, look, that cool change people had been promising finally managed to show up. About damn time.

Anyway, about Uni - Today was Ye Olde CHAS AGM.

Bad parts about this were that someone attempted to put their chair on my foot, and thus I now have a foot filled with owieness, and some potentially rather fascinating bruises in the works.

On the plus sides, CHAS was as cracktastically silly as ever. And there was pizza.

A couple of quotes from the AGM:

Piper: "Callum's reign of terror is over!
Piper's reign of terror is about to begin!"
(After Piper was elected President for the next year)

becker_: "Stop stroking the pizza!"

In actual class type news my first assignment for the semester (for Research Methods) is due in tomorrow. However, I have already finished it, so it's all good.

Oh, and I think my Creative Writing Tutor is attempting to scar me for life. She made us watch Un Chien Andalou.

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