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There is some shit you truly cannot make up

Say, anyone know what's up with the filming going on at Uni? I was headed in there to do a few vitally important bits and pieces (Return a CD to the Psych office, make some arrangements at the bank, buy a Latte at Castro's Shush, you, Castro's Lattes are a wondrous thing and thus a matter of great importance), and there was half a freaking block of make-up and prop trucks parked along Grattan Street.

I thought it was for that Nicholas Cage whatsit that's in town, but I can't find the article I read that mentioned filming at Uni.

Oh, and in other, and probably more entertaining news, Rick Astley has given his support to Rickrolling.

Teh Intarweb is truly a glorious, glorious place.

Speaking of which, over at Ye Olde Lexicon Wank, SVA and co have requested JKR as a witness for the defense.

To clarify: The People JKR is trying to sue have requested her as a witness for their side.

You cannot make this shit up.
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