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My absence of recent posts is probably a good indication of just how *thrilling* my life has been

And so Easter Break is over. Alas. I was rather enjoying long sleep ins again.

Also, it means actually having to do things.

On the plus side, on of the things I have coming up is seeing Ross Noble's show at the Comedy Festival tomorrow. (Yes, I'm going to see a comedian on April Fools. It seems rather fitting, actually).

And while we are talking about things that are highly amusing, over on Fandom Wank there's the latest from Chancery Stone. Ah, pure lulz without a trace of SRS BIZNES.

...Yeah, I haven't got much of value to post about. Is it obvious?

*uses post as an excuse to GIP the Donna icon I finally found and liked*

ETA: A lesson in combining obsessions: A Laugh Out Loud Cats comic for all the Whofen on my flist.
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