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And to discuss something less terrifying...

Okay, rather than just sit here and freak out and wait for the EVIL BASTARD of a huntsman to crawl out of the closet Holy crap, there's a gay spider in my bedroom! so I can give it a horrible, painful death, I have decided to distract myself with things that are much less distressing.

Or icky, for that matter.

So, some of my distractions have included:

Numerous bits of entertainment over at Fandom Wank, including someone who thinks that the Harry Potter books being about, well, Harry Potter, is an insult to her intelligence. She also has tried to look, act and generally be just like Snape. YA RLY.

Oh, and a romance that simply defies words (unless they are "simply bugfuck insane"). Complete with The Bugnut Scale

The most adorable icons ever, which kibebe linked me to. EEEE, kitties!

In other fannish news, the Torchwood finale is about half a day away, and Doctor Who starts a day after that. I am rather looking forward to both, but not nearly as much as I was last year, which is mildly depressing.

I do expect I shall quite enjoy them, though. So long as it doesn't get too wanky in the aftermath.
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