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Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

Yeah, I'm putting the gratuitous into GIP

So, this would be the post where I talk about all the Uni stuffs that I have been neglecting to mention in all my fannishness.

Anyhoo, this week saw that S&M lecture for Anthropology. It's probably not entirely surprising I felt the lecturer spent rather too long on the part explaining all the terminology and what it entails because I already knew all that stuff from fandom.

The social aspects and stuff, though, were rather interesting.

Speaking of Anthropology, I went and did my class presentation on that this week. ...Which means 500 word paper due next week. But it's on gender and power, which is at least interesting to write on.

Oh, and I have decided I shall be writing my end of semester ethnographic whatsit for Anthropology on... the Anonymous protests. So I shall be toddling along to check that out this weekend. (I've been meaning to go for a while, but I keep being lazy. Now I have additional motivation!)

I'm trying to work out if the Guy Fawkes mask is comfortable enough, or if I should just stick to hat and glasses.

In other subjects, second Research Methods homework assignment was handed in today. Which makes two out of three done.

Oh, and we are supposed to hand in something for Creative Writing next week, to prove we've been working. So this weekend shall also entail getting ideas in my head fully down on paper. (Idea is currently a countdown to the end of the world. YA RLY, my brain is strange. Am currently deciding between multi-perspective and a bit pretentious, or with a focus on one character which would have a bit more of a narrative, and be a bit more humour-tinged.)
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