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Well, last night I went and saw H2G2. And it was good. Colour me surprised. I shall put a brief review up behind a cut, so that those poor deprived individuals who have not as yet seen it don't winge to me about spoilers.

So, ahem:

I was surprised, actually, that the movie was as good as it was. I had heard some rather shocking things, but despite all that it wasn't any where near as "ruined" as some people had made it out to be. Yes, they cut some of my favourite lines and exchanges, yes, they added some rather pathetic things, but the feel of it all...it was right.

The visuals, special effects and all that were great - good CGI without it seeming to be CGI, and I adored the way they did the visuals on the actual Guide itself - retro, yet modern, and so much fun! It was all wonderfully colourful and bright, and very vivid. Some of my favourite sequences were the pull-back from Earth (the jump cuts were very funny), and the whole "Earth Mark 2" thing. (Painting Uluru red! Dear Lord...)

Not everything was quite so spectacular. Zaphod's 3rd arm seemed to come from nowhere, and made only a few token appearances (probably to keep the purists happy). And the 2nd head...what was with that? It was seriously weird, and I didn't like it at all - it just did not work.

Zaphod was probably one of my least liked things about the film. He was portrayed as vain, selfish, and at times a bit dim - which was how he was supposed to be - but also as a pointless idiot, which he was not. To quote the novel :
"He was renowned for being amazingly clever and quite clearly was so - but not all the time..."
He is not stupid, but a clever guy who doesn't think - but obviously, that was too complex for the movie-going public. I liked him in the books - vain, self-centred, but fun. In the movie, he is just annoying.

My other main problem was with the whole Arthur/Trillian romance thing. If you pay any attention to the books et al., you see that Arthur's attention is unrequieted. Repeat after me, Hollywood: Unrequited. They aren't supposed to be in love (What with the whole Fenchurch thing later on, and the fact Zaphod and Trillian were supposed to be a long-term thing - maybe she got sick of Idiot!Zaphod) I was watching H2G2 for the humour, for the visuals, for seeing the story on screen, not for some stupid cliche romance.

The actors were all quite good (if we ignore what was done to Zaphod, and changing Trillian from a brilliant woman into a slightly soppy girl). Arthur was perfect, and Ford was great, if very unlike I imagined. Alan Rickman was utterly incredible as Marvin - quite possibly one of the best things in the movie, though the voiceover for Eddie the computer was also brilliant, even if he sounded just like the Toaster from Red Dwarf, in my opinion.

However, apart from those few peeves, I quite liked it. The huge number of sci-fi parodies amused me immensly - I loved the toast-sabre, complete with sound effects, and the I swear the end music was straight from Star Wars. And I swear Marvin was wearing Stormtrooper armor!

Overall: not my all time favourite movie. But still damn good, and worth seeing again (and buying the DVD when it comes out)

Oh, and whilst at the theatre, I managed to see previews for Herbie (WTF?), Madagascar (Which doesn't look bad at all), Willy Wonka (I. Must. See. This. It looks great. Psychedelic, but great) and of course, Revenge of the Sith.

Now that killed me. It wasn't just the trailer, but the new extended one, and I just freaked out when I saw it. I was seriously almost hyperventalating.

Note to self: Organise to be at a Midnight screening for that. Because I want to see this movie so incredibly much...

I also do believe my family knows me far to well. When I got back from H2G2, I had a message on my voicemail from my Dad. Which quite literally said "You are probably seeing Hitchhiker's...so I'll call back tomorrow." Weird. And slightly disturbing.

- Got my Lit Essay back. Got a H3. Was actually slightly disappointed, and have resolved to do better on the next essay.
- Very amusing Programming class today. First, the computer projector died. Then the over-head projector wasn't working, so slides couldn't be used. Then the lights started turning on and off. Then the lecturer's microphone died.
It was very funny, because he ended up writing on the whiteboard. Real high-tech Comp Sci class, huh?

Random Quote:
(At dinner): "Is that an eyeball?"

Random Story (Pinched entirely from a newspaper):
A Darth Vader impersonator in Britain was fined by police for not wearing a seatbelt.
Chris Gedge was driving to a promotionsjob in the fancy dress when he was stopped by police on the M1. He had two of his friends dressed as Stormtroopers in the back.
"The Police pulled me over and asked me who I was. I told them I was the Dark Lord of the Sith. I'm sure they had a good laugh, saying they'd just done Darth Vader for not wearing a seatbelt," he said.

ROFL! This cracked me up when I read it. I mean, the mental images of it...and the fact there were two Stormies in the back just makes it so much funnier...

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