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Okay, feeling slightly more enthused now

Huh. Figures. Am finally starting to get my motivation to watch the next episode of Doctor Who... and of course, now it's getting late and I rather need a good night's sleep, so I can't watch it now.

And after all that time waiting for a phone call that never came. *grumbles* Stupid parents...

Anyhoo, some things I found of a randomly cheering nature. Or, rather, a randomly hilarious one:

- The latest from the never ending Lexicon wank. The media gets a hold of things, what with the court case due to start this week. Oh, this is going to be fun...

- Macdeath. It's a crossover... between Death Note and Macbeth. I haven't read a word of it, the title alone is enough to send me into fits of giggles.
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