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This is not the sort of plotline I was trying to get my brain to work on

It's wrong to have speculation, not just for a TV show that is yet to be in existence, but for said speculation to be crack series arc stuff, isn't it?

Yeah, I thought so.

That's what I get for trying to get my brain to think on plotty lines (Shush, I have Creative Writing stuff due at the end of the week).

Anyhow, I read this outliney thing for the Dollhouse pilot (you know, Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku's upcoming show. I'll be watching at least the first episode, even if I ditch it then).

And thus, I have come up with (and am firmly convinced by) the following theory:

They are totally pulling a Deckard with Paul Ballard.

The FBI dude, trying to find out what the hell the Dollhouse is? Actually a Doll under assignment himself.

I even have a quote that backs up my theory (sort of): Tahmoh Penikett's FBI agent Paul Ballard is obsessed with opening up the Dollhouse, but he may have more in common with—and already be closer to—the Dolls than he even knows.

I just think it'd be really nifty for the show to have not just the ongoing (and obvious) plot arcs of Echo developing her own identity versus Ballard finding out about the Dollhouse, but also have this underlying, greater thing going on, for the audience to try and work out who is pulling Ballard's strings, and why they want him to uncover the Dollhouse.

Plus, Ballard coming to terms with the fact that he isn't who he thinks he is would be a neat mirror to Echo.

ETA: Another site has seen the script. I would now put money on "Alpha" being Ballard's Doll code name.

...I am mildly unnerved at how this theory is looking less and less cracky, and more genuinely probable.

...Yeah, I've put far too much thought into this. I shall still hold it as fact until prove otherwise, though.

Yes, my brain is crack.

ETA: Day Three of the Lexion trial of great lulz. Fandom, just keeps on bringing it.

And now I shall go to bed.
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