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If I am randomly smiling at people, will it freak them out?

Huzzah! I am in the excessively cheerful mood that comes of not having any more assignments due (well, not for another two weeks, anyway).

...And also having chocolate mousse. It's a good feeling.

- To sum up, handed in my Take Home Exam (the 30 percent one) on Monday, and my final Research Methods homework sheet. I literally now only have a final essay for Anthropology, my Writing Folio piece, and a Psych Case Study and then I am done until exams.

Okay, there's attending classes and all that, but still. Good mood time.

In celebration, I joined tinyteddyqueen and co in crashing the Farrago party last night. Which got a bit wanky, so then we took off to Madame Brussels again (The Sangria is very nice).

Oh, and this Saturday, courtesy of a friend of fa11ing_away's, who has a spare ticket for sale, I shall be going to see the Foo Fighters.

So, it appears that tomorrow shall be my most likely day to be catching up on Doctor Who. When I am not bumming around and being a bit lazy, of course. (I shall continue my many year's tradition of not waking up for the dawn ANZAC Day service. I'm patriotic and all, but I have no desire to see any dawns right now).

...So, overall, huzzah for being in a good mood. \o/
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