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In which I attempt to review an episode in as spoiler free manner as possible

See, I have actually seen the new Doctor Who episode now (finally).

However, considering all the damned troubles I had *ahem* getting hold of it, and the current time, I really cannot be arsed doing a full and details reaction post.

So, I may do a proper one later in the week. Or I might just save it all until next weekend, when this two-parter is completed.

I will just give a very basic sum up of my thoughts, though.

I rather enjoyed it, actually. It was not without it's flaws, but they were relatively minor in the scale of things, and it did a very good job of making me looking forward to next week (As well as making me wonder how long until certain things get ficced about, shall we say.)

I hope the second episode keeps this quality up, because if it does, it might just end up my favourite of the early season two-parters. But then, I always seem to find that the second parts are weaker in them, so...

And because I can't not post about it: YAYZ MARTHA! *\o/* Looking as fabulous and being as awesome as ever.

I have also concluded that I want epic fic filling in the gaps between LotTL and here and all Martha's experiences within. (Including mentions of Torchwood).

...Well, to be completely honest, I kind want them to start doing the adult Who books again, but including some new series ones. And for one to be Martha's adventures in this time period. 'Cos I would totally buy that.

*toddles off to see if there are any new icons I want*
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