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Who needs drugs when you have FOUL?

So, today we explored the political situation of Joe Nap A.

chifley was the US, and Vidya was a deposed dictator. Laura was the UN, ranorith was Gaia, and I was a Third World country. Apparently. And then chifley became the reincarnation of ranorith

And the dead mouse was... a dead mouse.

Also, the floor was made of lava.

Yeah. FOUL? Is 24 carat crack. Even without alcohol.

Fun, though.

In other news, I bought a couple of CDs. Because the Foo Fighters concert made me realise I didn't have their live album, and then there were a bunch of other things going cheap.

So, I have new music which always cheers me.

ETA: Also, look at my lovely new icon. Ain't it pretty?
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