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*insert gratuitous Star Wars reference to today's date here*

See, I could theoretically post some comment on this weeks Doctor Who (which I have actually seen and all that) but, well, I'm not going to.

Because I'm lazy like that. And I have other stuff that I've been meaning to post about, and have been putting off.

So, I shall perhaps post on it at some other point. Or not.

Instead: RL Stuffs!

To start off with, Friday was the Second Floor Slave Auction thing. Which was interesting, though it must be sad not as much so as past years (Also, as our dear Auctioneer becker_ commented, everyone was very cheap this time around.

Anyhoo, fa11ing_away and I purchased Sheridan as a House Elf for the iPartment. And I got frabjously, who is going to be making me jewellery once she's back in Melbourne. Oh, and I got bought by altheas (No RobCorp this time around, alas).

There was some amusing stuff, mind - bids of e and Pi for one. Also, a round of applause when bidding got to $42 (Naturally).

Also: Gratuitous appearances of Mongo the Gender Neutral Gorilla.


...And instead it seems to have ended up being of Tristan being buttraped by a plush Gorilla.

Funny how things work out.

Notable sales included Tom's Amazing Pockets, chifley's Hat (Yes, that hat), the C and S Penguin. And Mongo, of course.

And of course, since no Slave Auction post would be complete without it, a collection of quotes I recorded on the night.

QC: (Out of nowhere) "A seat of condoms!"

becker_: "Four dollars!"
Someone in the crowd: "I'm out."

The bidding for someone has reached 31 dollars
becker_: "This guy must be good in bed."

Prior to the sale of someone known only as "Autofix"
becker_: "Today's his first night on the piss, and he's about to sell himself."

becker_: "Going once for 40 dollars."
annatheannoying: "No! He's going to make me wear a skirt!"

QC: "Don't let him buy me!"
becker_: "He's got more skirts."

becker_: "We'll open the bidding on Tom's pockets at One dollar."
fa11ing_away: "Five!"
becker_: "That's more than Tom got!"

becker_: "Yes, you can have Mongo for an entire weekend, not just 12 hours."
UMSU!Rob: "So long as you take pictures."

becker_: "Does anyone have something to share that Tim will actually do?"
tinyteddyqueen: "He has hair."

Callum: "I guarantee 12 hours of delicious pleasure stroking my hair."

becker_: (About Piper) "Apparently, she's worth more than a deep-frier."

becker_: (In a "sexy" voice) "Look, I go round. I have multiple skills that include government bureaucracy."

Nicolai: "Ten if he doesn't rub his nipples!"

becker_: "Three ten to... some guy you don't know."

When Laura was on sale. And doing a handstand for each new bid she got
becker_: "Eleven for Rob."
(Laura does a handstand)
altheas: "Yeah, that was worth it."

...And that was my Friday Night.

On Saturday Night I went to my cousin's engagement party. Which was not so much a social event (since I knew like none of her friends) as it was an occasion to catch up with Teh Extended Family and all their gossip and so on.

Not that's there is much of a difference, once you've had five glasses of champagne and are attempting to liberate balloons into the open sky.

*coughs* Moving on...

Apparently, this has been the weekend for awesome movie trailers. There's the fabulous new Dark Knight one, as well as the equally fabulous new Indiana Jones one.

Also, I have a new haircut. *\o/*
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