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Well, that was different.

So, today there was a black-out at Uni.

As in, during the middle of the day, most of the power at Uni miraculously just... died. No idea why (though I wonder if that building they are demolishing might have some connection).

And where was I the very moment the lights all went out?

...At the toilet. YA, RLY.

Of course, naturally I didn't actually get to enjoy any of the advantages of said blackout, what with my Research Methods tute being in the Redmond Barry building, which naturally was completely fine during said blackout.

Not like, say, the Chem students, whose entire building got evacuated because the fume cabinets stopped working.

...And that was my excitement for the day. The rest of it consisted of getting my extension form (So I have til next Monday to complete that assignment), and Star Trek Club, which consisted of watching an episode of Stargate, and (as always) some Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged, which is as funny as ever.

And now for something completely different: Yet another update to the unending Harry Potter Lexicon wank
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