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Things I am planning to do today (or in the not-to-distant future)

- Hand in my assignment (The one I got an extension for. It's finished - well, it will be once I get some staples - and needs to be in before 10am for some strange reason).

- Obtain new headphones for my iPod, since the old ones sort of... died. But they've been held together with sticky tape for like a month, so I sort of saw that coming.

- Actually watch (and obtain) this week's Doctor Who. Fandom doesn't appear as splodey as I had predicted in response.

- Go see Iron Man. Possibly will be done Cheapskate Tuesday.

- Facebook and LJ out plans for my Birthday. Two weeks from tomorrow. People will want to go see Indiana Jones with me, right?

- Ring parents, to say Happy Birthday to Dad, and Happy Mother's Day to Mum. Was going to do that last night, but got distracted by assignment. Also inquire what presents they want, and when I'll see them next.

- Possibly got to Silly Night. If I haven't died of exhaustion by that point.
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