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There's so bad it's good, and then there's just plain bad

You know, I'm currently trying terribly, terribly hard not to be one of those people who hate adaptations just because they are different. Really, I am.

But, well, then I saw the trailer for the US version of 'Life on Mars".

And well, you know how all those people on the Forum Formerly Known as The OG would go on about the show making them cringe... I finally know what they mean.

Because watching that trailer just fills me with a mild horror of the just plain wrong-ness of it all. It is pure, distilled DO NOT WANT.

And to continue on the theme of really bad things, this wank has currently causing me some deep philosophical pondering: Should I continue to remain blissfully ignorant of Twilight and it's sparkly vampires, or should I make like I did with Eragon and read the first book so I can mock with authority?

...Admittedly, Twilight seems to be less of the soul-hurty form of bad, and more along the lines of hilariously awful.

Ah, questions.
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