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Your gratuitous post of video links for the day.

...Well, it was either link to things, or post about the FAS night of watching Rocky Horror on video (and my exciting new Fabulous BootsTM).

So you guys get the links.

But if you really want to hear about the Fabulous BootsTM I can say something in the comments.

Anyhow, video links.

- Iron Man and Batman: Part 2. A follow on to the video I linked in this post. But now with actual spoilers for Iron Man.

- Trailer for Dollhouse aka Joss Whedon's upcoming new show. Well, using Foo Fighters totally sold me on that...

- And there's also several Dark Knight TV Spots. I'd link the Indiana Jones ones, but there's like a bazillion of them.

And for some hilarity I honestly couldn't have made up, Darth Vader in court for assaulting several Jedi.
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