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Oh Internets, don't you ever change

So it was, what, two days ago that I was declaring all my wishes for forthcoming Indiana Jones fic?

And that's not even taking into account the whole time-zone difference because being Australian means getting movie premiers first.

Anyhow, today I toddled over to the FanFiction.net Indiana Jones section (Yes, yes, I know, Pit of Voles), and already there is:

- An actually very good inter-movies backstory fic that was almost exactly what I was wanting.

- A decent post-movie fic.

- And what seems to be a Mary Sue inserted into the movie fic.

(Warning, all the above fics have great big SPOILERS for Indy 4)

And that's just one site! And two days!

...Oh, I love you Internets. Never change.

And speaking of wonders of the Internets, I've been doing a bit of Internets Plucky Girl Detective-ing (TM) in regards to some exceptionally interesting news on forthcoming Doctor Who books.

All I know thus far can be found here (at least until someone on the related Doctor Who forum thread takes the bait and supplies us with more official-type information).

Suffice it to say that this particular novel would be of great interest to fans of Martha Jones (or those intrigued by the Year That Never Was).
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