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My life seems to consist of moments of exceedingly silliness

So, today FOUL had a Mad Hatter's Tea Party at lunch.

Which was, basically, live action crack. And thus the sort of thing I think should be done regularly.

I mean, aside from the insistence that everyone involved wear a hat (I brought my own), the excess of balloons that would randomly explode, the tea, the decorated biscuits, the delicious cake, the scones with whipped cream and so on, we also had:

- Guys having competitions to see how much whipped cream they could eat in one go.

- A pinata. Which was made with regular newspaper rather than paper mache, so it ended up less trying to smash it open, and more half a dozen people pounding it into the lump on the floor.

- Pass the parcel. With parcels that fell apart as you passed them, and got thrown at one another, and such thrilling prizes as an inflated balloon, and some soggy marshmallows (Don't ask me how the marshmallows got so soggy because I don't. Want. To. Know.

...Yeah, it was more than a little cracktastic. And terribly, terribly silly.

I deeply approve. More clubs should have them.
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