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Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

Educational Goodness

Exam timetables are out. Thus, this semesters for me is:

433-151 Introduction to Programming [Advanced] Fri 10 JUN 2:15 p.m.
REB Nicholson
2 hrs 15 mins
512-120 Introductory Experimental Psychology 1 Wed 8 JUN 2:15 p.m.
REB Nicholson
2 hrs 15 mins
620-141 Mathematics A Tue 14 JUN 9:30 a.m.
REB Nicholson
3 hrs 15 mins

Oh, and in Lit, we are studying 1984. I'm all yayness! It's about time we got a genuinely good book, and 1984 is in my opinion pretty good. I mean, I read it for fun ages ago. And the lecturer has gone and recommended to me some nice, dark, dystopia sci-fi things to read, so I am happy. About that at least.

Grrr...we have got our next assignment in Maths. Am not happy - not a good week for assignments, what with my Programming Assignment, and all the freaking rehearsals for Cafe Internationale (which is this weekend) Hey, everyone, come to the preview night on Thursday! Only $1!

Had our first dress rehearsal for Cell Block Tango this evening. It was interesting even if the other groups were running horrendously late. I got to wear my costume (Knee-high leather boots, over-the-knee fishnets, a black halter dress with a slit all the way up the leg, and this weird lacy top thingy) Quite fun, if tricky to dance in. And it was good to be under lights again...

Random Conversation about Hurstbridge (?):
Me: "Who or what is Hurst?"
Guy 1: "Henry Hurst...he was the guy who discovered the pizza shop."
Guy 2: "So they named a bridge after him?"
Guy 1: "Well, the bridge has the same consistancy as pizza."

I appear to have forgotten who the other people involved were...

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