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Happy Birthday to Me!

*sings* Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me!

As of, oh, an hour ago, it is now my birthday. I shall have bid adieu to being 21. *wipes away single crystal tear of loss*

But, yes, good mood.

The first present I am due to receive appears to be, well, whatever the bloody hell the parcel that is waiting for me at the post office. I have absolutely no idea what it is or who it is from (or even that someone was sending me anything), so I am choosing to assume I have been fated to receive some mysterious gift. I hope it's awesome.

In other news, Teh Birthday Event was, for the most part, not a huge success. I had a lot of no-shows for assorted reasons, assignments being due this week being foremost. So I instead I went and hijacked Allan's party and tried to steal his guests.

For the first part, it was in one of those bowling bar thingies, which was... not the greatest place ever. The second half was in some pub Allan had booked, which was rather decent, apart from the bit where the decore gave one the impression that any second now a whole bunch of men in dark robes would walk in and start Satanic rituals involving sacrificing virgins. Or possibly just opening up people's Chakras.

And then me and my hijackees went and saw Indiana Jones (this was at 9:30. The 7:30 and 8:45 sessions were both full when we went for tickets). Which was, just as I said last time, a bit silly and requires epic suspension of disbelief, but was still damned fun.

I think I actually enjoyed it more this time. Possibly because, prior to seeing it the first time, someone on a forum I lurk at had received his comic adaptation of the movie a week early, and had been supply scans, and thus I was, like, spoiled for everything. Second time through, it was less about waiting until scene X or Y showed up, and more about enjoying the crack and lulz.

I swear, the drinks I had at the pub had nothing to do with my enjoyment factor. Really.

And that would have been that. Except the Pocky.

Oh, except that tinyteddyqueen's End of Semester thing on Friday? I'm totally hijacking that for my birthday celebrations, too. Just FYI. Since my party organising seems to be a bit of a wash-out, I think I'll just stick with letting other people do the organising, and then stealing the results.

Which makes me like the highwayman of parties. Or something.

...I am not actually drunk as I write this. Seriously. I've just been listening to ridiculously cheerful music.
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