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I think my family wins at Random

Firstly: Thankies to everyone for their birthday wishes, both here, in RL or elsewhere on online.

(I am including The Sister in that, whose wishes came via Facebook. She also quoted Star Trek at me, which given she's never watched it as far as I am aware, had me rather puzzled for a large amount of this morning.)

Anyway, onto other topics.

I went and picked up the Mysterious Parcel of Mysteriousness from the post office. Which was, to not a huge amount of surprise, a birthday present for me. From my Mum, to be precise.

However, the contexts were a different matter.

See, what my Mum got me for my birthday was, of all things, a purple velvet hooded cloak.

Which is just completely and utterly random. Also? Hilarious.

'Cos I certainly never saw that coming.

And I do mean hilarious. I opened it up on the tram to Uni, and literally burst out laughing.

(And as a side not to Mum, since I know she reads this sometimes: random does not mean bad. Just... unexpected. And bringing me amusing mental images of you shopping for it)

Anyhow, aside from that I just got gift vouchers, and, you know, money. Which is only to be expected given I never actually got around of making up a list of requests.

...And now I'm going to go back to giggling about my cloak.
Tags: clothering, keyword-58, partay!, teh family

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