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Things to look forward to.

So, JK Rowling has written an 800 word Harry Potter prequel. Featuring James and Sirius three years before Harry is born, apparently.

I am rather looking forward to this. Both for the story itself, and the inevitable wank that is sure to ensue.

My question of the moment: What precisely will be the biggest source of wank?

In other news, my dear Freema has been cast in a second major BBC1 Drama major role. I'm not actually familiar with Survivors myself, but a couple of people on my flist are big fans, so I shall definitely be checking this out.

For the most part, I'm just happy for Freema. And mildly gloaty at how incredibly wrong the "she'll never act again" morons were. I think this post gives a pretty good summary of things, really...

Oh, and as a final (and rather amusing) point: remember how I mentioned The Sister quoting Star Trek at me? Well, I asked her about it, and she was completely unaware she was quoting Trek. She thought she was just quoting Futurama.

Oh Sister, how you bring the lulz.
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