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Well, wonders never cease

And in a twist that is shocking to, oh, no-one in particular, we have our first bit of Steven Moffat as boss Who-wank.

The actually shocking bit? Rather than being related to his shipping proclivities, the wank is courtesy of the mad rantings of one Lawrence Miles. (I mean, snarling, predatory Scottishness? Seriously?)

...Which is a bit odd, because there's some seriously crazy stuff come up from the episode. Mostly related to River Song, guest du jour, who is either an evil whore or secretly everyone from Rose to the Rani in disguise, depending on who you ask.

And on speaking of Mr Moffat, I was having some seriously disturbing dreams about creepy abandoned buildings last night, as well as small children with unnatural powers. And I haven't even watched his new episode yet. I don't think that's quite fair...

And on a completely unrelated topic, I'm going to post the dates of when all my end of semester stuff is due here, so I have it all in one place.

Creative Writing: Monday June 9 (3000 words Creative, 1000 exogesis)
Power, Ideology and Inequality: Friday June 13 (2500 Ethnographic Essay)
Personal and Social Development 3: Thursday June 19 (2hr exam, 2:15pm)
Research Methods 3: Monday June 23 (3hr exam, 9:30am)
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