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Educational Goodness, Take 2

Firstly: Programming is causing much stress right now. It is due in on Friday, and I still have to do the last two questions. Grrr... at least I got two done in my Prac today.

Next: We finally went and got our questions for the next essay in Lit. Which is slight annoyance, as though I know I want to do mine on 1984, I am not entirely certain of which question to do. I think I'll put it up to you guys: which of the following questions do you think I should do for my next essay?

9. In Nineteen Eighty-Four, Orwell was concerned to show how language might lead men and women to deny objective reality and accept the fictitious world of totalitarian propaganda, and that the fate of the world lay in the choices made by intellectuals. Discuss.


11. Write about the ways in which you think George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four remains relevant today? Or does it? You should discuss both his realist mode of writing and his ideas about the political and cultural direction of modern society.

Currently, I am leaning towards 9, but there is just so much that should be done with 11, if you did the research right...

Oh, and I have decided that my new Psych lecturer is freaking amazing! He is this Canadian guy, named Dr. Trot Visser (which automatically makes me think of a Fandom-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named I used to adore, but we won't go there), and who was the source of vast amusement at today’s lectures.

Some choice Psych Lecture Quotes:
(To the audience) "Has anyone been to Canada?"
(A few raise their hands)
"Did you like it?"
(The raised hand people shake their heads)
"Right answer."

"I thought, Jeeze, this is my course, I can do what I want."
(Displays giant picture of his baby daughter)
"Give me good teacher ratings or I'll lose my job and can't feed my child."

(About "The Phenomenological Method) "I like this method because I like saying Phenomenological!"

I probably should have been taking notes about Psych, rather than my amusing teacher. Oh well...

And the stupid college internet has been down for like the last hour. Why, I ask you, why?

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