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My Epic Adventure of the day - Eldritch Lacemaking and other Randomness

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June 9th, 2008

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08:35 pm - My Epic Adventure of the day
Gather round, young flist-ees, while I tell you of my epic quest to get my assignment handed in.

So, as has been indicated a while back, my Creative Writing assignment had a due date, of, well, today.

I had the creative part all done, posted it on here for flistly opinions, got some sleep, finished off the exegesis and had everything printed out all neat and tidy.

Now something to remember: Today was also a public holiday. Way back when, out tutor informed us that despite being due on a public holiday, the building would still be open so we could hand things in, so long as it was before 5pm etcetera and so forth.

Any how, I was heading in to hand said assignment in, when I realised that I didn't have an envelope so I could get it returned to me. Normally this wouldn't be a problem. However: public holiday. The post offices were all closed. The newsagencies were closed. The freaking 7-11 didn't sell envelopes.

After wandering around trying to find somewhere, anywhere that was open and selling pre-paid envelopes, and I noticed time was getting low, and decided screw it, I'll just hand it in and not get it back.

So I head over to the building.

And it's locked.

And the back door is locked, too.

And there's no time left to hand it in.

After some gratuitous shrieking, swearing, and kicking of the door, I head off to the computer labs in order to send my tutor a "WTF is this shit?" email.

After nabbing a computer off someone for five minutes via the careful usage of the trying not to cry face, I get onto my email, delete a shitload of rubbish.

And I notice there's one email, mixed in with about 50 bits of spam, from the Creative Writing subject co-ordinator. Apparently, all the assignents due Monday could be handed in tomorrow, instead, with no marks lost.

At which point my head reaches the desk.

And the moral of this story? Not checking your email often enough can cause panic attacks.

At least it had a happy ending. And I can sleep in tomorrow, too.

Speaking of: Since I got an extra day out of it, I shall reaffirm my request for editing and opinions via flist. The creative piece is in this locked post, though if the spazzy formatting gets to you, let me know ASAP and I could possibly email you the Word doc.

I'm mostly just looking for opinions on how the piece works as a whole, though I appreciate pointing out any ickle spelling/grammar/typo things I may have missed.
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