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All this content, and my favourite bit about this post is the icon

Generally speaking, come exam time, my LJ posts tend to become either alarmingly frequent, and about nothing particularly interesting, or practically non-existent (and again, about nothing in particular).

I think my recent post count pretty much speaks for itself, here. ;)

Anyhoo, examness is... ongoing. My writing folio and anthropology essay are both over and done with, and my first exam - Personal and Social Development - was today. It went, well, decently I suppose. Manged to answer all the questions without too much difficulty, even if the essays weren't particularly good.

On a less positive note, I think I killed my hand. Ow. I haven't written that much in one go in months.

Also, I appear to have somehow developed a twitchy eye during swotvac. It's not painful or even much of a problem, but it freaks me out.

I have just one exam to go, fortunately. Less fortunate is that it's Research Methods. Which means I am likely to take one look at all the statisticy questions and go ARGH!

At least it's multiple choice. If all else fails, I can make pretty patterns with the dots.

After today's exam I went and took a wonder down into the city. There I managed to see such fascinating sites as ephant on her way to an Art-venture, and the Sonic Manipulator without his helmet (sadly, he is not actually an alien). And a cat on the tram.

In other news, I am woefully behind on fandom (Doctor Who fandom, anyway). Or possibly not woefully, given the whole Oncoming Wank situation.
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