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The Entry With Far Too Many Quotes For It's Own Good

To start off with:

To all Second Floorians, and other Melbourne Uni types: Everyone, come to the Cafe International Preview Night, tomorrow at 8:30PM! It's at International House, and has a good coin entry fee. Come see people sing! People dance! Me being raunchy! Entertainment for all!

And in other news:

Spent a nice lunchtime playing Munchkin today. Yay for Munchkin! There was outrageous cheating, and all sorts of fun. I went and won the first game, but crashed and burned horribly in the second, mainly due to a certain individual who went and stole my Really Impressive Title Of Doom (Note to those unfamiliar with Munchkin: this is a genuine item in the game. You take a Really Impressive Title, and add the ...Of Doom bonus)

*shakes fist at item stealers*

Also I have decided that I may possibly be wearing my wonderful hat a little too often. Why? Well, when someone says (in the dark of the evening) "I know that hat," and can identify you by it, you should begin to worry. Though I did get a rather impressive number of compliments on it today, soperhaps I'll just keep it on for a little while longer.

Have also decided that I *loff* my new Psych lecturer. He went and made all these random comments about The X-Files and Star Wars, and told John Howard jokes during the lecturer, and was just too generally funny to be healthy. I spent far too much time copying down amusing quotes form him again, some of which I shall display below.

Today's Epic Quote List:

From Second Floor
Joe: "Joe has collapsed. Joe has become a table."

"We need to watch Star Wars today."
"Because it's May the Fourth."
(questioning look) "Huh?"
"You know, May the Fourth be with you..."
The fact I actually laughed at this conversation says far too much about me. Rather sad, no?

From Psych Lecture
"Doughnuts are funny in any country."

"Watch this: Homer Simpson. Lights go on...lights go off...lights go on...lights go off."
The funniest thing about this was that my lecturer was actually flicking the lights on and off while he said this

(Talking about sublimal messages that people have been inserting into films)
"Eat Coke, drink popcorn, buy Windows..."

(Speech bubbles on an X-Files picture on a slide)
Mulder: "Seems a bit simple, Scully!"
Scully: "Shut Up Mulder! I just hope I get royalties for being on this slide. I've been unemployed for so long."

"I just want to move on with my life...I want to watch The X-Files."

"Eyeballs XP: Faster, more efficient, crashes twice as often..."

"I have some tough honours students - they could kick your arse."

"Hey, I didn't say I voted for John Howard! What are you looking at me for?"

"I'm just a simple Canadian."
For some unknown reason, this cracked the entire audience up.

"...totally, abso-smurphly - I just like using the word 'smurf' a lot."

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