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Just how many academic essays are there mentioning Rickrolling?

Say, does anyone recall me mentioning way, way back, about how I had decided to do my end of semester assignment for Anthropology on the Anonymous Scientology protests.

Or, if you were at lizbee's party and I chatted to you, I may have mentioned I had an assignment I needed to write.

Well, I got said paper back today.

And I got a H1 for it. Even after losing 3% for handing it in a day late.

Go me! *\o/*

...That said, one of the comments from my marker was that it was very original and interesting. Which I suppose it would be after reading through 100 essays on ANZAC Day ceremonies.

Not sure how the subject mark works out, what with weightings and percentages. I've gotten at least a H2A overall, though.

Full semester marks out on Friday. Ack.

In vaguely fandom related news, I have spent several hours today listening to fa11ing_away cackle as she caught up on Doctor Who. And I mean cackle. Laugh like the Joker, that girl.

We are now in the strange position of fa11ing_away being ahead of me in Doctor Who watching. Wonders never cease.

And your random vaguely meta thought of the day, brought to you by the TV Tropes Wiki (Shut up, it's addictive), on the nature of New Who companions:

On the Three Faces of Eve page, one of the models mentioned for female characters is the Final Fantasy variation, in which females are inevitably either Innocent Princesses, Tough but Sexy, or Perky Jailbait.

It also mentions that, of all things, the three Doctor Who companions of the new series fit this model. And though Donna is a bit off (Definitely not jailbait. And Perky is debatable), Martha and Rose fit the models (even the more detailed ones at the link) dead on.

...At least it's preferable to Maiden, Mother and Whore. Interesting to think on, anyway.
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