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If I were a super hero, just what would my powers be?

Firstly, to my friends and flistees of the Melbourne variety, would anyone be interested in coming to see The Dark Knight with me next week?

I'd probably have to book tickets this weekend if we want to see it on the first day, but anyone who's interested:

Wednesday next week (ie. the 16th). Sessions are at 6:15, 8:30 and 9:30 - or we could go in the afternoon.

Let me know, plz, as I quite want to see it before the comms I lurk at explode with spoilers.

While I'm on the subject of Batman, reasons why Jack Harkness is Batman... and the comment thread is filled with people debating what that makes other Torchwood and Doctor Who characters (The debate on Ianto is especially amusing).

Oh, and speaking of superheroes, I went and saw Hancock today - that Will Smith thing. Which was... interesting. I wouldn't call it bad, per se, but it had the distinct feeling that two entirely different movies had been smushed together. And I liked the "PR Guy helps a dodgy superhero clean up his act in a realistic world" one rather more than the other.

And back to your regularly scheduled fandom.

I am filled with epic amounts of OMG SQUEE for the recent SJA casting spoilers. I also hope that it means something for the future of Doctor Who, too.

And to be somewhat selfish, I've started a Masterlist for post Series Four fic that features Martha in a significant way. However, it's impossible for me to check everywhere for suitable fic, so if you know of any relevent fics please drop me a line.

Feel free to pimp that list everywhere and anywhere you so desire. The more people who see it and drop links, the easier maintaining it will be.
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