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Well, that's that source of worry gotten rid off

Semester results out today!

My final results for my subjects in the semester just gone were:
Writing Through Character = H3
Power, Ideology and Inequality = H2A
Research Methods 3 = H2B
Personal and Social Development 3 = H2B

I am grumpy about the writing mark - I should have gotten something higher than a H3, dammit! - but otherwise quite pleased. Especially with the Research Methods mark, given that was the exam that worried me most. 95 percent of the total mark, too.

Must have gone well with guessing what letters to mark. ;)

I shall have to come up with a reward for myself over the weekend.

In other news, Doctor Who made Fandom Wank again. And not about any actual finale spoilers, shock horror. Just someone getting called on calling their photoshoppery "art" and then throwing a tantrum.

You're letting me down, fandom!
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