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Yeah, should have seen that coming

So, Act Three of Dr. Horrible has just gone online.

All I have to say is this:


I mean, it was very well down, but I sat there in shock for about five minutes.

But then, I should have predicted it. It's Joss Freaking Whedon.

I say again, ouch.

And back to your regularly scheduled Dark Knight obsessing.

Movie is now out in the US (and is apparently raking in crazy amounts of money), so we are starting to get fannish output. Mostly art and a few drabbles (plus some fun stuff on TVTropes), but it's much more fun.

Also, I, um, went and saw it again last night. Yes, I know, shut up. Anyone want to come see it in IMAX with me?

On that note, being Australian, we didn't get the pre-movie trailer for Watchmen, so I had to check it out online. Which is a bit disappointing, because I'd love to know how it looks on the big screen.

I'm totally showing my comics n00b by saying that I'm only actually reading Watchmen for the first time right now, but that trailer has me sold on the visuals. Now, to hope the acting holds up...

*goes back to obsessing over Dark Knight*
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