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So, I might be being a bit predictable. Possible.

So, guess what movie I went and saw tonight?

Go on, guess. ;)

...And in some news that could not actually be guessed by, oh, everyone, at dinner tonight Mum asked The Sister and I if we were interested in spending three weeks next February in Egypt.

My answer was, naturally, hell yes.

This is the tour that we'd be on if we went.

And to add something of vague fannish relevence, there's currently Torchwood wank over if Ianto is a Gary Stu or not. (My opinion? Not in canon, but so effing much in fanfic)

Also, over at freema_love, there have been some insanely adorable pictures of Noel and Freema posted.

ETA: So, I was over at FF.net, looking at some fic. Yeah, yeah, I know.

Anyhow, I stumbled across this one. Seems pretty average, right?

Well, check out the summary for said story here. (For those who are looking at this at some point in retrospect, the title is "Encounter With a Stranger") Read the first line.

I LOLd so hard.
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