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So, if I get aim all my grumpiness at RL people, I won't say anything wanky online, right?

You know, I totally get that lots of people go out on a Friday night to get drunk. I may have even done so on occasion meself.

But being totally off your face by 8PM. Really?

I mean, the two girls were more amusing than anything else. And they complimented me on my shoes, which always gets people on my good side.

But standing in line at the takeaway joint right behind some guy who was practically falling over and talking at the top of his freaking voice was just irritating.

...Eh. I am inexplicably grumpy today. Everyone, feel free to spam the comments with things of joy and squee, no matter what they are. I want the grumpy to go away.

*this post was brought to you in the hopes that it will somehow cosmically give that guy an epicly bad hangover*

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