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A Busy, Busy Me

Well, this weekend has been fascinatingly hectic. What with Cafe and all, I have had very little time to keep track of whats been going on, though it has been a rather interesting time.


Firstly, for whatever obscure reason, The Little Sister decided that rather than stay in a motel with Mum and Dad for Cafe, she'd rather sleep in my room and, quote "Be a Uni Bum" unquote. Uh-huh...
Which my teeny little college room extremely crowded - as in, can't open my cupboard door or get to my desk, crowded. Stupid folding beds...*shakes fist*

In the time to kill before cafe, I found out a few interesting things about my sisters life:
1. She has a rather bizarre obsession with cartoon fan-art.
2. Her best friend is not only incredibly obsessed with Anime, but is actually an award-winning fan-artist online - her stuff at deviantART is really good, it's quite creepy.
3. She is still in extreme denial about being a sci-fi geek.

To qualify 3: this morning, after a breakfast-y thing with our parents, we went to JB Hi-Fi. She bought the first two seasons of Farscape. Yes, because that isn't geeky at all. And I know how long she has wanted to get them for. Now all I need to do is work out where I can get hold of a DVD burner...

And onto Cafe:
Dance was quite fun, and it was good to perform to a serious audience. Rather fewer mistakes than last time, but like all dances, it wasn't perfect. Oh, and there was this really pervy old guy sitting right up the front. Which meant I spent like all of my solo bit (where I basically slide around on the floor in my trampy outfit) trying not to reveal myself too much. Rather worrying - and all the other girls noticed it too.

Oh, and during the Silent Auction, my Mum (under The Sister's influence, I assume) managed to bid for - and win - a set of signed Kath and Kim DVDs. Where is that DVD burner when I need it?

So after the show, I manage to meet up with my parents, finally. I finally have the credit card from Dad, though I have been warned emphatically that it is for University needs ONLY. Text books, et al. Though I can use it to book movie tickets if I pay it off at the bank before the bill gets sent to my parents.

Oh,and apparently, my Mum might be doing to America in about three weeks. AND SHE'S NOT TAKING ME! She's going to be in New York WITHOUT me!
Oh, I so want to go to New York! And she just gives me some rubbish about exams which I have. Am very, very annoyed, not the least because I only found out now. Hey, what are some "Only in America" type things to buy that I could ask her to get for me?

After that, I went to the afterparty for a while. It was okay, but not great. Cheap drinks - yay, $2 Midori and lemonade - but the music wasn't really to my taste. Plus, I had a shocking headache all evening, and the music just made it all worse. And I was slightly disturbed by the fact my sister was apparently trying to get me drunk...

Today very little indeed happened. I gave Mum a Mother's Day present Dad bought for me, and I am still not at all sure what was in it. Hey Mum, are you going to let me know what I gave you?

And had a College meeting after Dinner. There goes two hours of my life I can't get back.

(After talking to The Sister about Episode Three)
Sister: "So he gets his arm and legs cut off, and falls into fire? How much would that suck?"

Winner of the Most Obvious Comment Ever (tm) Award

And some random net things:
Some rather amusing communities I joined, regarding terrible HP fanfiction quotes:

And something really, really disturbing: bible_slash
Yes, you read that correctly, Bible Slash. I think I broke my brain...

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