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If my LJ was a person, it would now be heading off to Kinder

Is it possible to have such a thing as a gratuitous post post? 'Cos that's what this is due to be.

Or in other words, huzzah! My LiveJournal is four years old today! Celebrate! And so on and so forth.

...I've been keeping an LJ for four years. That's a mildly frightening thought.

Anyway, to keep up with my LJversary traditions, I now give you statistics.

Aren't you lucky, flist?

Anywho, in my four years of keeping this LJ, I have:
- Friended 196 people
- Be friended by 214 people
- Joined 206 comms, and 16 RSS feeds
- Made 998 posts
- Posted 17,403 comments
- Received 14,212 comments

And in the year since my last LJversary I have:
- Friended 6 people
- Been friended by 24 people
- Joined 54 comms
- Made 210 posts
- Posted 2,846 comments
- Received 2,935 comments

In conclusion, I have been somewhat less busy this year than the year before. Huh.

On the plus side, my grumpy has gone away.
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