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Look, it's an actual post!

So, just when I think that today is going to be a pretty darn boring day, halfway through my Psych lecture, all the power in the lecture theatre dies. And the alarms start going off, and everyone has to evacuate the building.

And I still don't know why this happened.

Still, it meant I could leave early. Which was almost a disappointment (key word there being "almost") since I rather like this psych lecturer. He has a tendency to include random interesting historical trivia in his lectures, and going of on strange tangents.

Some random quotes from his lecture:

On Narcissus: "He basically pined away and died. Because he was so hot."

On Narcissism: "Of course, everyone is special and unique. But you shouldn't believe that too much."

Aside from that, the most interesting part of my day was seeing a girl with a hot pink mullet on the tram.

Anyhoo, over in fannish doings, the fallout from Sparkly Vampire 4 continues over at FW. However, just when people start to think the fandom, at least, might be living up to the title of "the next Harry Potter", along comes the real thing with a metaphorical LOL N00B!

Oh, and if Wank isn't your fannish style, Freema Agyeman is a sweetheart. But we already knew that.
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