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Oh look, something to look forward to

Today peak hour traffic decided to make my tram it's bitch, and I ended up half an hour late for my Creative Writing tute.

And to make things even odder, when I showed up, though all the books and bags were in the classroom, there were no people there whatsoever.

'Course it just ended up that the tutor was doing an exercise in which the class went people-watching, and then made up backgrounds for people they saw, and I picked an unfortunate time to arrive. (Incidentally, at least two people in the class mentioned they saw me walk past and started coming up with a story - mainly because I was wearing the SnakesonnaHat, and the boots that sort of match. They didn't tell me what they came up with, though.)

Aside from that, I am trying to work out if the 9am start just kills me for afternoon lectures, there's something about the temperature in the Hercus Theatre, or if the Cog and Neuro Development lecturer is just so boring he sends me to sleep. Because I was very close to it today.

On a less tiring note, my emails of the day from Teh Mother were informative in the best possible way.

Firstly, in the Hospital footy tipping competition (which I have been doing for years. Actually came third once, too.), I got my first ever perfect score for the week. Which, in addition to being nice in itself, now means I am only three points from the lead.

But best of all, that Egypt trip I mentioned Mum mentioned? It's now booked.

January 29th, baby!
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