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The Internet: Also supplies things of great squee

I last posted a week ago.

Um, er, whoops?

I meant to update earlier - it's not even as if I had nothing to post about, because I did.

'Cos on Friday night I went with Allan and ...some other people and finally got to see Dark Knight on IMAX which makes my sixth time seeing it overall, and yes I know I have a problem, which was rather nifty once they got the sound mix right (especially my favourite truck flippy thing). And then over the weekend I went up to Swan Hill for my cousin's birthday party on Saturday night, which ended up being less of a party and more a catch-up with Teh Extended Family, as well as rolling my eyes at the kinda pathetic drunk guy who kept falling over. But my Cousin's wife's farm did have an ickle baby foal, which I got to go see. I have pictures! At some point I may put them online.

(If you are reading this aloud, please take some deep breaths here)

...But that's not really why I am posting. 'Cos it's not like most of you guys really care about what goes on in my personal life.

So, onto the fun stuff: Fandom!

Firstly, there's been a number of very good Doctor Who vids floating around lately I've noticed. There's Handlebars by flummery, which is a sort of reflection of just who Ten really is, and displays some of the scarier conclusions (and I sort of hate for getting that song stuck in my head for three days straight); There's Shut Up and Drive by laurashapiro, for which the summary speaks for itself: Martha > you.

And then there's my personal favourite, not because it's a cheery fun vid, but because it's the opposite - it's one of the most painful vids I've ever seen. What We Had by cherryice, which is basically looking at how the Doctor treats the people he travels with (and demonstrates exactly why I utterly loathe the whole companion hierachy thing).

I will admit that in my more cynical moments I hope this goes as viral and meta-producing as that Supernatural vid about the female characters did, because it gives me the same ouchy but brilliant feeling to watch.

And onto more cheery matters. I have been in a ridiculously cheery mood all day, and it's all to do with two things I came across in my half-hour of Internetting before I headed into class.

Firstly, the announcement that there will be a new Fullmetal Alchemist anime.

Now, this delights me on multiple levels.
1. MORE FMA! *\o/* I'm one of those people who loves both the anime and the manga, so I don't care what they do - sequel anime, prequel anime, full manga adaptation, whatever. It's more FMA, and I am thrilled.
2. For the first time, I'll be fannishly involved in a WIP anime. All the anime I've gotten into so far are complete, so this sort of involvement is all new and exciting to me. (Of course, when I saw I've gotten into anime, I basically mean I like two anime/manga series; namely FMA and Death Note. And I'm open to recommendations, hint hint)
3. The glorious, glorious wank that will ensue. It's already bubbling around the edges, and I admit I am going to laugh my arse off when more info comes out and it starts proper.

...All that aside. I never saw that coming. SO MUCH SHINY YAYNESS!

The second thing I found - and probably the biggest reason for my ridiculous grinning - was these new comic scans over at scans_daily (From Superman/Batman #51, to be exact). I'll say no more, except that you really have to see these for yourself, because honest to God (or your higher power du jour), I literally laughed so hard I cried.

And then I toddled down to one of the CBD comic stores and bought the hell out of it. And some other stuff. Yeah, I'm sorta-kinda getting into comics, too. Well, that's what I get for hanging around on scans_daily, but I'm gradually building up a pile of trades (literal pile; I'm running out of bookshelf space, so most of mine are piled up next to my desk). I wish I knew more comics people, so I could get ridiculously fangirly at them. I spent far too much time in Creative Writing today repressing the urge to bring Watchmen into our discussion of symbolism.

...In lieu of this whole thing, I'm making a comics tag. And debating if all my Dark Knight posts should be included in it or not.

And those are the things that are making me happy today. Long may they continue.
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