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This is the stuff my life consists of now

Well, first assignment for this semester is over and done with - and, most importantly, handed in on time. I mean, yeah, it was only 1000 words for Psych, but it's nice to get that out of the way.

Which leads me to assignment number two, which is due next week. And basically consists of coming up with a question to study for Sociology. (We won't actually be researching it, it should be noted - no surveys or anything. But we have to make like we would be). And now I need to come up with something interesting and quantitative to examine.

Meh. Any suggestions from the flist? Since it's free choice, I'm thinking possibly something vaguely internety, but I haven't decided on any specifics.

On a more entertaining Uni note, at CHAS today I was a witness to Tristan's Funtime YouTube Variety Hour. Which, this week, consisted of a bunch of AMV Hell clips. To which all I can say is my God, anime is cracktastic.

It was rather amusing though, even if I suspect it would have been even more so if I was in on all the jokes.

Also, Allan was randomly in a toga. This was notable since it was not, as far as I am aware, done for Prosh Week.
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