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Drakyndra would like to apologise in advance for referring to herself in the third person

Drakyndra is sorry for her temporary absence from this LJ. Drakyndra has been rather busy, what with forsakendaemon's 21st last night, and de_chel's birthday on Friday.

...Drakyndra is currently wondering why on Earth she suddenly appears to have a social life. Seriously, several weeks running? Not at all expected.

Drakyndra would also like to inform the world that amongst other unexpected things is the fact that as of Wednesday, her Father will be in Asia for a month. Huh.

And Drakyndra also now has proof that not all good deeds end up punished, as she is now due to have coffee with a random, after returning their lost (full of money) wallet.

Incidentally, Drakyndra now has a User Page on the TVTropes Wiki which may explain the third person.
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