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Am feeling very blah right now. Not sick blah, just lack of enthusiasm blah. Very apathetic, and haven't the faintest idea why. Though the thing about apathy -> not caring very much.

So what has been on in my life as of late? Handed in that Maths assignment, to my very great relief - it was the hardest of the Maths ones so far, and I had great difficulty with on eof the wuestions - and am now without assignments. Except that Lit Essay, which I still can't decide which question it should be done on.

Also, was feeling rather bored, so I went to the movies with Rob last evening - it was at Nova, thus cheap on Monday, and we saw H2G2 again. Yayness! Though I am sensing some serious stuff going on with Ford and Arthur - I swear, there is more Chemstry between the two, than there is between Ford and Trillian. It's sort of sweet. "I have a spaceman too."

Then we went to a pub for cheap beer, and conversation with assorted Foulies. Vaguely amusing, even if I didn't drink much (I am not a beer person).

Oh, and today I had my first dinner on high table. Which wasn't really all that exciting, actually. They had wine, they had fancy plates, they had better service, but otherwise rather blah. Perhaps the source of the mood.

Random Quotes:
"Is your belly-button shiny, or is it just me?"

Random Psych Quotes: (So frequent, they now get their own category!)
"It's actually really, really simple. Sort of."

"Yeah, well, it's kind of between weak and stong - it's kind of weaky-strong."

"These are clearly experiments that are not done these days, because of things called 'Ethics.' You might have heard of them."
About Electric shock testing

"You might not know this, but electric shock is not healthy."

And after this he went on this whole thing about the end of RotJ, and about how Darth Vader would measure the difference between different strengths of electric shock. Which culminated in this line:

(In Vader voice) "Luke,....Five."

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