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I'm not sure if R.E.M. quotes are appropriate right now

According to Teh Intarwebz, the Large Hadron Collider has yet to destroy the Earth, which is always good to know.

I shall continue to refresh those sites for updates of the situation.

Incidentally, on that note I am also yet to hear the related Torchwood radio play. Mainly because, well, I am no good at audio plays (or books on tape, either).

Maybe it's a short attention span, maybe I'm just a visual person, but in all honesty I tend to give up on audios after about five minutes. Because if I am not looking at something, I tend to get bored and impatient, and if I am looking at something unrelated (reading or writing or playing a game, whatever), I tend to tune the noise out.

...Yeah, I sort of fail at audios. Unless they are really funny.

And to now drastically switch topics and talk about something Uni related: I have finally had inspiration as to what to do this semester's creative writing piece about. Huzzah!

However, out of wanting some alternate thoughts to brainstorm with, I have a couple of requestions for you, flist.

1: What are some common phrases/sayings (or even quotes) that contain the words "one" or "once"? I already have "Once upon a time" and "one and only".

2: So, it's your traditional fairy-tale ending: the Knight in Shining Armour defeats the Evil Overlord, marries the Beautiful Princess, and becomes ruler of the Fair Kingdom. If one were to become rather cynical and realistic about the likelihood of a happily ever after, just what problems do you think would happen in said kingdom and marriage?

Answers may or may not make it into said piece, but they will help me get the plot nailed down in my head.
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