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And I will shortly go and collapse into bed for wonderful sleep

And both my mid-semester assignments are done and dusted. And, most importantly, handed in. Which means huzzah, break time!

Okay, I've a mid-semester test on the first Tuesday back and need to present some of my Writing Folio on Thursday, but still. I can have at least one weeks worth of break.

Things what I am doing during my break:

Tuesday until Thursday is FOUL Camp. Which will be... interesting, I'm sure.

After that, well, for one of the the days on the weekend I'm thinking of maybe going to Manifest - you know, Melbourne anime con type thing. Anyone on Teh Flist going? I haven't been to one before mainly because, well, I haven't been into anime before (In fact, I'm pretty certain it was about two weeks after last year's Manifest that I marathoned FMA and my interest was.. piqued. Okay, so I only actually am a fan of two series, but I have a rather long "to watch" list building up).

Oh, and on Saturday I shall I have to find a screen somewhere to watch the Grand Final because, well, Geelong. So I may end up at Federation Square again, or if I go to Manifest on the Saturday, I way be watching it on the screen there.

...God, I love that. I mean, just how very Australian is it that a freaking anime convention has set aside time so people can watch the football on a big screen? Bless.

And now for a dramatic topic change! Apparently you don't need to be in Potter fandom to wank about JKR. If only there was some way to harness this wank energy. Good bye fuel crisis!
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