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Not a real happy camper right now

(No, this post has absolutely nothing to do with FOUL Camp. Which was exceedingly... FOUL Camp, and I shall say no more on that matter).

I don't think I liked today very much. Can I get a refund?

Stupid cold I think I'm getting.

Stupid football.

I think I need some random fannish silliness to cheer me up a bit. Or maybe I should just go to bed early, and get some sleep and find random fannish silliness at Manifest tomorrow.

Speaking of Manifest, I ran into some random cosplayers at Minotaur today. Which was a surprise (One really doesn't expect to find Link from Zelda lurking in the comics section).

I gave my compliments to the guy dressed as Ed from FMA on his costume, which was actually kinda nifty. He wasn't nearly as good looking as Ed, though. I can't believe I just said that. I can't believe I just thought that. Brain, stop thinking these things. It is wrong to think of teenage fictional animated characters as good looking.


Right. Is it possibly to have a revolution against one's own brain? Stupid evil dictatorly brain. It probably has an eyepatch. Or a beard. Or both.
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