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Things I should do more often


Manifest was rather fun today. I mean, it probably would have been even more fun if I was with people I actually knew instead of having to strike up conversations with randoms. Or, for that matter, if my anime knowledge was a bit less limited, so I could actually get more of the references (Note to self: Actually start trying to work through my "To watch" list. Speaking of, tinyteddyqueen, didn't you say I could borrow your Cowboy Bebop box set at some point?)

But yeah. There was some terribly impressive cosplayers - made me wish I had, like, sewing skills of my own so I could try it for myself - and lots of random pocky. And then there was fun dancing about, including epicly en masse Caramelldansen.

On the far more materialistic side of things, I nabbed a whole bunch of FMA manga that I was missing (Yes, I've read it all. But I like it, so I'm doing the legal thing, and getting official copies). Flicking through them over dinner was rather entertaining actually. On one hand, there is some serious inconsistancy with some of the official translations. Especially names. On the other hand, Ed calls someone an asshat.

Oh, and I shall need to get a hold of a scanner at some point. 'Cos I got a couple of anime portraits done, and while the coloured one is a bit iffy, the black and white one is awesome. I look rather cute as an anime character. I think I shall use it as a Facebook picture.
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